Cinderella, or Cindy for short, was a special gift received in January 1992. She was given this name for two reasons. First, her coloring is similar to those cinders which are found in the fireplace. And her little delicate face is just as lovely as Cinderella’s was. Discovered by our Ollie during a subzero ice storm, Cindy seemed so small and fragile. Although only about six months of age, she was found to be an expectant mother when we took her to the veterinarian. Being so very young and malnourished, the doctor said that Cindy wouldn’t be able to provide enough nourishment for both herself and the three babies growing in her stomach.

Sadly, Cindy’s babies needed to be taken from her to save her life. After this operation, there was very much worry. Down to only two pounds, Cindy needed a lot of tender loving care in order to become well. We kept her close to our side and after several weeks she began to be her old perky self.

Today, Cindy is about six pounds. The doctor says that this is a good weight for her to maintain. Frisky beyond words, Cindy crazily scurries throughout the house. She loves being loved, though. Well, sometimes, that is! Cats are so very different than dogs. But, honestly, Cindy really gets mad if I don’t cuddle with her every morning. On the weekends when I try to sleep a little later, she comes up to my face to wake me, and make sure that I haven’t forgotten her special cuddling time.